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Rehearse before recording, speak the text out loud and feel how you express yourself, if there is truth in the way you speak. Text decorated and without interpretation, it is impersonal and monotonous. If the content is very extensive and there is a need to comply with an order or quote complex data, in this case you can use a form to read at these times. In the case of a lot of content for you to memorize, then it will be necessary to use a teleprompter which is a resource used in news programs, for example, where the presenter reads the text reflected in a glass in the direction of the camera, without the viewer realizing that there is text. Visit and get the perfect cam chat option there.

Get straight to the point

The online audience, in general, prefers short videos (but there are exceptions). Be objective in your approach, bring examples, cite everyday situations in which people can identify. The simpler the approach is, the better for people to get your message but always remembering to speak close to the language of your target audience.

Be light and informal

In general, using colloquial language, facilitates understanding and creates closeness to the public. Avoid using very formal terms or language, after all, the internet is a more relaxed environment. Speak as if you are talking to a friend, it is a chat, it is an exchange of ideas with someone in your home, in your office, or another place that allows an informal spirit. The conversation can be a serious matter, but the way of speaking can be light.

Speak as if there were 1 spectator

When talking to the camera, always think that there is a person behind the lens who is curious to know what you have to say. When speaking, treat your viewer of “you” instead of “you”, always speak as if there were 1 person so that your viewer feels close, intimate, as if the conversation was just between you two, an exclusive conversation.

Look at the lens

When you talk to someone, you probably like that person to look you in the eye. Talking to a person who doesn’t look at you, causes strangeness, distrust, indifference, the same occurs in the virtual, that is, if you make a video and want to talk to the person, it is necessary to look them in the eyes, in this case, look at the camera lens. We know that for many, recording looking at the lens can inhibit or create discomfort, even whitening. But practice will bring you this naturalness on camera. It is an exercise, the more you practice, the better you will get.

Be natural

Being natural, in my opinion, is a challenge for many people. we know that the simple may not be that simple. Many people have a hard body, a frozen face or, on the contrary, the body does not stop still, the face starts to have tics and you seem to be someone else. If looking at the camera can make you nervous when recording, you can change the format of your video for a conversation with a guest. For example, you can record a video and chat with a person who is also participating in the conversation. In reality, you will talk to the guest and also to the viewer, that is, it will be a chat for three.