What is sex dating and where to find it?

sex dating

The terms ‘sex dating’ often appear when talking about dating and relationships. It has been used so much in movies, magazines, and television shows that its meaning can be confusing.

To make it clear that sex dating or casual dating means having occasional, non-exclusive sex with multiple people. You could establish a division of these erotic contacts into three categories:

Unattached Relationships or Adult Relationships

Friends with the right to touch

Sex with an Ex 

Unattached Relationships or Adult Relationships

The ‘no strings attached’ type is the typical cliché for any movie or TV show where sex dating has been discussed. This involves going to bed with a total stranger, whom you have met in a bar or in a dating application. There are also cases in which that person was already on your radar and your opportunity has finally come to launch you ‘to hell’.

Friends with the Right to Touch

The main thing that separates this category from the others is the term: friends. This type of casual sex put friendship above all else. This implies that the person you are sleeping with is not a complete stranger. It may be an acquaintance who shares the same way of thinking with you when it comes to relationships.

Friends with a right to touch can only be people with whom you have physical contact, but they can also be colleagues with whom you regularly date and with whom you occasionally fuck. There are many cases in which even sex ceases to exist, but friendship continues.

Sex with an Ex

After all, you can’t write the word sex without ex. There can be many reasons why people are encouraged to have sex with their exes. Because they are morbid or because they discovered that the best thing about that relationship was, precisely, sex. However, these types of relationships are by far the most troublesome in the long run. There is always a risk of backsliding and re-resurrecting feelings from the past.

Of course, sex dating is multifaceted. While the three types mentioned above are the most common, sex without commitment can take other forms, depending on the limits established by each person.

Where to find sex dates?

The easiest and fastest way to search for sex dates, overnight relationships, and erotic contacts is on the sex dating site. Join one of the hundreds of pages and applications specifically intended for sex dating and sporadic relationships. In them, you can find a lot of people who, like you, want to enjoy passion. Don’t be afraid to explore your erotic fantasies and hidden sexual desires. People flock to these sites and apps to break free of their inhibitions, let go, and have an incredible story to tell.