Why Most Men Prefer Blonde Escorts?

When it comes to choosing escorts, men seem to prefer blondes. They like having sex with blondes more than with redheads or brunettes. Here are some reasons why they do so. 

The attraction of forbidden sex

Hundreds of years ago blonde hair was associated with promiscuity. Promiscuous women used to dye their hair blonde. They used to offer sex for money, much like modern prostitutes. Looking at their blonde hair, men could understand that the woman was interested in having sex. 

This notion was there for many years and normal decent women couldn’t dye their hair blonde because of it. Slowly things started to change and now anyone can have blonde hair. But men, in the back of their head, still feel this blonde charm. That’s why they feel more attracted to blonde escorts.

The Hollywood craze

The link between blonde hair and promiscuity has been extensively screened in Hollywood movies. The industry showcased blonde hair women to be very attractive. Men often fantasize to be with a Hollywood blonde. 

But as this is not possible, they try to be happy with a blonde escort instead. It gives them the same feeling as being with a Hollywood diva. 

Symbol of youth 

You will notice that there is hardly any woman with blonde hair whose age is above 30. The reason is that blonde hair tends to get darker with age. So, men often associate blonde hair with a young woman. 

Naturally, most men are attracted to young women, so they prefer blondes. However, you should know that most of the blonde escorts are not naturally blonde; they dye their hair. 

Symbol of good health

Blonde women usually have light skin. In the past, poor women who used to work in the fields all day had sunburnt skin which didn’t look attractive. Also, they couldn’t eat good food which affected their skin quality. 

Back then only the wealthy women had light and attractive skin as they didn’t have any shortage of food. So, light-skinned women were considered to be of good health. For sex, men lookout for healthy partners and that’s why they prefer blonde women. 

They are full of life

In movies, blonde women were mostly portrayed as being funny. So, men have this presumption that blonde escorts are also funny. Men go to escorts to relieve their stress and have some good time. That’s why they like to spend time with women who are funny and full of life. 

Correlating blonde women to promiscuity is a misconception today. It is not right to label someone as a prostitute because she has blonde hair. However, people still associate blonde-haired women with beauty, glamour, sexuality, and diva. 

Even today in movies we see blonde women being portrayed as such. That’s why men still believe that blonde women are more attractive than others. So, they prefer choosing a blonde woman as an escort to fulfill their sexual desires and have a great time. That’s why there is more demand for blonde escorts.