When you should hop into the dating world again?

Sometimes it is really hard to return to the world of dating, especially when we have been in a long relationship before, but it has suddenly ended. So what should you do before you jump back into the world of dating?

How long should you wait?

The general point of reference here is that it is best to wait until the relationship will last twice, that is, the relationship will last one year, we should give ourselves two years, three months etc. This may seem like a long time, but remember that during this time we will go through five stages of separation (refusal to accept what happened, anger, sadness, negotiation, acceptance – not necessarily in that order, although acceptance is usually the last one), we have to deal with it “on our own”. – without the involvement of intermediaries.

Human nature

Our rations sometimes deceive themselves because almost everyone has experienced a situation where they have seen a friend or colleague who has fallen in love with someone and then parted after a while. Remember, sometimes it is not difficult to look at the world objectively through “pink glasses”, because when we are with someone, our thoughts make us happy, which automatically reduces all the disadvantages of that person. It also reduces our minds and can only change the shape of the person, but sometimes this relationship is so harmful that you have to part with it. Your partner may watch redtube while you want to have sex with him, or do other harmful stuff to you. Our primitive brain still has mechanisms that make us behave in a certain way, one of which is the feeling of hopelessness after the parting. When we remember our former partner, appropriate hormones are released in the body, which eliminates any disadvantages of this man.

If you started dating again, what shouldn’t you do?

First of all, it is a stupid idea to embrace or enter a woman’s “personal space area” before you meet her. I’ve seen many men automatically take advantage of the opportunity from the very beginning, leaving women with the impression that they cannot respect her “personal space”. Women are human too, and we must remember that they too feel and make them feel uncomfortable, it will not help us to raise them, on the contrary, the girl only hates us. Another issue that should never be done is a confusing view. Teeth that haven’t been washed for a couple of weeks, tattered hair or clothes that should be chosen for a long time, or garbage lying in the trash can will not make us more attractive to women.

Its ok to be nervous

First things first, you need to learn how to walk – this is a good tip because talking to women is the same. If you can’t talk with her, even if her sexual desire suddenly appears, you won’t have any sex with her. So practice. An easy and effective way to learn how to talk to women is to ask women about time.