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Have you ever come out of the house with a positive attitude and realized that consequently, even the hot vietnamese girl you meet are more positive with you and interested in you?The same thing happens in reverse: if you feel unluckywomen see you very unfortunate and not as a fiery lover who can satisfy them. Insecurity is indeed an ugly beast in love.

What You need to Keep in Mind

Remember that others react to the reflection of how you see yourself. So if you consider yourself a loser, other people will be inclined to consider you as such. Then, first of all, you will have to act on your psychology. Stop self-labeling yourself as a person without charm, without talent, and convince yourself that nothing is impossible, you can have many friends, you can conquer the woman you’ve always wanted.

So your un-success with women is not due to fate, fate or horoscope. It means that you start off on the wrong foot. You have to start acting.

How technology helps you find a girlfriend

We can say that technology is a real avant-garde means of seducing a womanOf course we must admit that there are situations in which it is better this way and others not.

Let’s say that with Facebook, even the most diffident woman could get an idea of ​​you but not all of them is enough. In addition, there are some women who do not like technology and some are not even registered on social media because they believe it is highly useless and that they move the way too far from reality and true values ​​(there are also men who think so).

It must also be said that not all generations are “Facebook-addicted”, so you can also find a woman (even if not too mature) who has an account but who never uses it or who directly does not have it. Then there are those who do not believe that a friendship or a virtual love can be born and end up responding only to those they know , ignoring those like you who try to talk to us because they feel an attraction that they would like to make real. So when you wonder how to get an asian girlfriend then these tips are essential as you use the mail order bride service.

So technology is not universally loved

This however you will understand when you try to contact them and you will know when it is the case not to insist and change tactics or approach. Social media can still be useful for meeting a woman even if you don’t chat with us: seeing what she likes or the events she will participate in (privacy permitting). So technology can help you seduce a woman even if she doesn’t like being “available” online and you have no way of talking to her.

The fact is that, even during the online seduction, “the game is beautiful when it lasts a short time”. What does this mean? That you need to know when it’s time to act offline. Otherwise you risk losing credibility even if you have managed to create attraction towards you. Therefore technology, even when it is accepted by women, can be an initial method to conquer thembut that must not go on too long otherwise you risk losing what you have managed to create.