Get the Absolute Most Out of Your dildos

Whether you are new to sex toys or want to find more interesting and exciting dildos, we have created an all-in-one guide that shares a brief and detailed description of different categories of dildos! Use this guide to better understand the different types of dildo toys. Learn more about these joysticks that bring a strong and inward pleasure to both men and women here and see what you want to add to your personal collection of intimate and sensual toys.

Big, bold, and black, these bulky, super-satisfied dongs make great toys that will help you fulfill your naughty fantasies. If you want to add colour to your collection of sex toys or play an erotic scene, the black dildo is better for experienced dildo users who want a deeper joystick than other dildos is.

Elegantly sculpted in the perfection that brings pleasure, glass dildos are unique intimate toys that bring exciting sensations to your sweet spots. Firm and cool to the touch, these charming erotic works of art give you more direct stimulation compared to dildos that are flexibly shaped and designed to provide additional internal stimulation.

Do you want to have a sexual partner available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to give you pleasure anytime you want? Realistic dildos are your answer! These dongs look and feel like real due to their appearance and design. Used for vaginal or anal internal stimulation, these phallic sex toys generally feature bulging veins along the shaft and a sculpted rooster head at the tip. You will feel like you are riding the real limb of a man with these exciting dildos! You can also find dildos made with penises from popular pronators in our Realistic Dildos Collection to make your experience even more real.

Women and others who have vagina, have you ever dreamed of having two cocks jammed inside, pleasing both holes at once until they can no longer contain their screams of pleasure?

Men and people with cocks, have you wondered how it would feel to be one of those penises, being just one of the many sources of pleasure your partner receives when experiencing that their holes are completely full? Don’t worry, sex-focused research studies have shown that double penetration and threesomes are some of the most common fantasies shared by people around the world. But incorporating someone else into the dynamics of your bedroom is not for everyone.

Today, dildos come in all kinds of shapes, colours, patterns, and textures, from gleaming silicone models to delicate varieties of glass. So why not use some decorative dildos to add a sexy and unique touch to your and your partner’s room, or “dungeon” if it is the type of couple that has a special room dedicated exclusively to sex play?

Some dildos, especially glass ones, even look so different from sex toys that you could easily place them on the mantelpiece or coffee table and they would look like nothing more than cute little art pieces meant to add colour to the room. Just be sure to clean all the “used” dildos thoroughly before showing them off, and you might consider putting them back in their boxes when your parents or grandparents or annoying old uncles and uncles come to visit!