What’s Virtual Sex And How To Enjoy It Safely?

It is less taboo to have sex using technology like a smartphone, computer, and even free random video chat rooms like Flingster. Sexual activity of any kind with or on the internet is termed ‘Virtual Sex’. Phone sex, video chat, long-distance intimacy play-enabled toys, sexting, and some interactive porn, fall under the virtual sex umbrella. 

Some people don’t consider virtual sex as the real one because there is no physical contact. Studies have revealed that virtual sex builds emotional connection as well it offers intercourse satisfaction in the same way as physical sexual acts. 

Many people favor sensory components but there are multiple advantages of virtual sex. It eliminates the risk of unwanted pregnancy and STIs. It is conveniently accessible to people of all abilities. People can explore new sex acts that you are uncomfortable doing practically. 

Long-distance couples can create and maintain their sexual passion from anywhere. Online adult chat rooms allow you to connect with random people across the globe even in an anonymous manner.

Tips to enjoy virtual sex safely

Virtual sex with a stranger cam can be exciting and pleasing just like a physical sexual connection. To spice up things –

  • Be transparent about your expectation. Add some dirty talk to build an environment. Ensure that the chat room you join is private and secure, before indulging. 
  • Lead with a pace of anxious participants without pushing yourself. 
  • Never do anything that you are uncomfortable with even if it is virtual sex. Feel free to instantly shut off the session.
  • Use an anonymous email account to have control over the steamy communication.
  • Use a scented candle to activate your sensory organs. Wear a mask to stay anonymous. With red LED lights you will feel sexy!
  • Play soft music in the background to eliminate the pressure of moaning or talking dirty. 

Never hesitate to explore new things!