What To Know About Silicone Penis Extender For An Orgasmic Encounter

Are there various types of silicone penis extender which partly explains why there are so many names for the device. There are penis sleeves for men who can’t get hard at all, and there are sleeves that work as long as you start erect and are then able to put on the device. These devices will help to keep you erect.

Then there are completely sheathed extenders where your entire penis is covered. Other partially sheathed sleeves have an opening for the head of your penis, whereas other sleeves focus on adding girth to the base of your penis (for men who are blessed with length but want to add circumference). Then there are silicone penis extenders if you wish to increase the size of your head. So yes, there are options for every single shaped penis in existence!

Last but not least, you have devices like the Elator and Erektor, which aren’t so much sleeves as they are extenders. Unlike sleeves, they don’t add artificial girth or length. These external penile devices have two fitted rings, one that goes around your penis base and the other around your head. There’s a rod that connects the two rings, keeping your penis erect and stretched out. It’s a potential option for men with mild to moderate ED.

Penis extenders are typically made out of silicone, though some are made out of rubber, latex, or plastic. Make sure you don’t have any sensitivities to the material being used when picking your extender. Several penis extenders may contain latex, and many people have an allergy to this. Others are made from silicone like the silicone penis extender, which is generally well-tolerated. It’s also worth noting you can also buy a sleeve that vibrates, which can feel pleasurable for both you and your partner.