What is Nuru Massage?

In case you desire to feel yourself on the edge of bliss, forgetting about the rest of the world, its hardships and problems, there is no more sophisticated and tempting way to relax than Nuru massage at SweetTouch in Valencia. This is a complex of sensual movements, which involves diversified techniques. It is one of those types of erotic massages where the procedure can be performed by one or several specialists at once. In Nuru massage, it is extremely important to have the closest possible contact, since the strongest tactile sensations give the greatest effect.

The Key Features of Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is believed to have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. To perform this technique it is necessary to use a special gel that contains extracts of beneficial herbs and nori algae. Also, in its composition, you can find an extract of aloe vera, chamomile, and special moisturizing ingredients. All of them allow you to create the necessary level of glide during application and the process itself. At the same time, the gel does not smell like anything, so the client is not distracted by extraneous odors but focuses on his sensations.

Nuru massage is distinguished by its breadth of influence. The body of the masseuse comes into contact with the surrounding space and helps to become one whole. Also, a hot masseuse uses her body as a versatile tool. With its help, confident movements are created. She slides her breasts and other bulges over the man, giving him both unusual tactile sensations and visual pleasure.

The Main Benefits of Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is designed to give new emotions to those who are new to such techniques, as well as to all clients who are not indifferent to massage. Of course, you should contact experienced masseuses who know all the features of this technique and try to perform it in the most reasonable way. Therefore, when selecting a massage agency, SweetTouch in Valencia is a great choice. All clients can be assured that complete anonymity is guaranteed. Compliance with basic hygiene rules will also help avoid unnecessary problems. Among other considerable advantages of SweetTouch in Valencia are:

  • enhancement of pleasure is carried out due to smooth sliding;
  • extremely seducing masseuses use their body as the very massage tool;
  • inimitable experience and the opportunity to get maximum pleasant emotions;
  • the thick gel is diluted with water for ease of application, it is applied to moisturized skin and does not cause additional allergic reactions;
  • a special technique will help you immerse yourself in a relaxed atmosphere.

How is Nuru Massage Performed?

Usually, when you come to the SweetTouch massage agency, there is a standard procedure of Nuru massage sessions which consists of such steps as:

  1. The guest is placed on the bed: he is completely naked.
  2. The masseuse prepares the gel for the session, then undresses and applies it to herself. This little performance makes a man’s heart beat faster.
  3. She spreads the gel over the guest’s body and begins to slowly massage him.
  4. Hands are used first: palms, wrists, elbows.
  5. At some point, the masseuse lies on the client and massages him with her breasts and abdomen.
  6. Soon, her buttocks come into the game: they massage gently, then hard.
  7. When a man can no longer restrain himself, the girl helps him to finish the process. A sweet orgasm after such an unusual erotic massage is guaranteed.

There are more than a dozen masseuses at the SweetTouch in Valencia to choose from before a session. It is recommended to be guided only by your own preferences to choose the ideal masseuse for you.