Tip And Tricks to Extend Lifespan Of Your Sex Doll

Because sex dolls aren’t inexpensive, we should take the utmost care to treat them. It is possible to extend the life of a sex doll by many years with careful cleaning and maintenance! Here are some tips and tricks that you can employ to extend the lifespan of your sex doll.

Cleaning Sex Doll For Maintenance

This part may sound simple, but it is not. You should clean your sex doll with appropriate tools to avoid damaging the sex doll and necessitating repairs.

After each use or contact with bodily fluids, you should clean the silicone sex doll. Clean the sex dolls with a disinfectant spray after rinsing them with lukewarm water. Clean the doll’s head separately from the rest of the body to ensure effective cleaning.

After cleaning, dry the doll with a clean, soft microfiber towel. We don’t recommend using a rough fabric design for cleaning cavities. Instead, use a smooth fabric pattern. Other fibers can clog the cavities or even damage the material.

It’s also not a good idea to use a hairdryer to dry the doll with warm air. A high concentration of warm air can induce material deformation. We don’t recommend using a rough fabric design for cleaning cavities. Instead, use a smooth fabric pattern.

After the sex doll’s skin has dried, you may use a special disinfection powder or regular baby powder to keep the skin smooth, beautiful, and soft. To remove makeup, use lukewarm water and paper towels. Separately wash the wig with a special shampoo, but never dry it with a hairdryer because this will harm the hair in the long term.

Cleaning Cavities

To clean cavities properly, perform an enema with lukewarm water first, then disinfect the cavity with a disinfectant spray. With the fingers of one hand, we can spread the vaginal area and therefore provide an entry point for administering an enema. After washing the cavity, we clean it with disinfectant applied to a sponge that we push into the cavity with a hemostat.

After that, we dry the cavity using a fine microfiber towel or a special sponge; however, while using a towel, we do not vigorously wash the cavity’s walls; instead, we aim to dry the cavity as much as possible (absorb water). Little “drops” of ripped material might occur when cleaning the cavities and skin, harming the sex doll and its aesthetic appearance.

Apply Cream And Oil

You should also apply cream and oil on your sex dolls from time to time. Both of these maintenance techniques extend the life of the sex doll and lessen the impact of any damage.

Applying Cream

Creaming is a simple procedure. Get a skin cream, such as Nivea, and apply it to the sex doll’s sensitive areas, such as the pelvis, elbows, and joints. The sex doll’s skin is particularly strained and prone to cracking in certain areas. The skin is lubricated to keep it from drying out and breaking.

Depending on how often you use the sex doll, apply cream 1-2 times every month. Also, wait around two hours after application for the cream to fully absorb.

Applying Oil

Oiling the sex doll is also an excellent technique to clean it because the oil can bond gritty dirt. You can use standard baby oil to oil the sex doll, put on a sponge that will anoint the entire sex doll. It’s crucial not to push on the sex doll’s skin when applying the oil with a sponge and be as gentle as possible.

Because the oil is viscous and fluid, it tends to drip. Therefore we usually recommend applying the oil to one side of the sex doll, waiting 3-6 hours for it to soak in, then turning the sex doll over and applying the oil to the other side, and waiting another 3-6 hours for it to soak in. You can hang the sex doll by the neck without turning it around if you have a hook. It’s a great approach to save time and effort.

Treat A Sex Doll: The Right Way

You must handle the sex doll with extreme caution. Of course, you will become accustomed to its weight and size with time, making it simpler to handle, but you must be exceedingly cautious at first. We strive to keep the sex doll from knocking, scratching, or falling.

Minor damage to the sex doll, like small holes, scratches, or cuts, must be fixed quickly with a special TPE glue. It is required to send the sex doll to a repair service for more sophisticated repairs, like damage to the joints and skeleton or repairs that you do not know how to repair.A sex doll is not a punching bag, even if it can take a lot of abuse. As a result, it should not be tossed around or mistreated. Its storage is a bit of a science as well. Store sex dolls in soft and cushioned, so they don’t rub up against anything needlessly.

The sex doll should also avoid wearing dark clothing since it absorbs the pigment, forcing us to remove it with a specific cream. The stain will be more challenging to remove the more prolonged the sex doll’s touch with the dark hue.

If you haven’t used our beauty in a long time, we should store it somewhere cool and dry, away from direct sunlight. On the other hand, extreme cold or heat might harm the sex doll.

Final Thoughts!

By following the tips mentioned above, you can extend not only the life of your sex doll but also the period you can enjoy it to your heart’s content as if it were brand new. So please don’t be hesitant; go ahead and check and clean it right now. It’s an investment that will pay off in the long run.

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