The one-night stand – a unique guest performance and erotic experience

The original term comes from the theater industry and defines a one-time performance or a one-time appearance, which can only be seen in one evening.

Today, it is more about a short sexual relationship and call a Malaysia Call Girl that lasts for the duration of a night or even shorter and often takes place between people unknown to each other. An intention to enter into a longer bond is not sought by either side. A call girl or a callboy is the perfect solution.

An ONS, as it is often abbreviated in contact ads or forums on the internet, is mainly about fulfilling one’s own sexual needs and not about finding a partner for life together.

Not to be confused is an ONS with a quickie defined by the brevity of the act or a blind date, even if it leads to a short sexual relationship in the broader sense.

A survey in 2019 clearly showed that the age group between 25 and 35 years is the most active. 61% of 25-29-year-olds and 59% of 30-35-year-olds already had a one-Night Stand. In contrast to the 20-24-year-olds in 2015, where only 47% tried it, the joy of experimenting is much higher in the group older than 24 years.

How do you start a one-night stand?

A harmless evening in a bar and you have already flirted for a long time, what the stuff holds. The first kiss electrified her and then comes the question, which at this point is no longer quite harmless: “to me or to you?” If the chemistry is right, and both sides agree that it is not about a relationship, but only about a night that promises pleasure and fun in terms of sex, nothing stands in the way of an adventure.

But before you are in the rush of the senses, you also need a little courage, because a little conversation in advance can not hurt. Even if the looks have already taken her off, the kiss was intoxicating and her thoughts rollercoaster, it often turns out that the new beauty at the counter or the man with the adonis body belongs to the category of total bores or you are simply not on the same wavelength. Even outward appearances such as hairstyles of stars from magazines or the best clothes don’t help anymore. At Diva escort agency, you have the details about page jump partners on the respective profile.

Even if it’s just a one-off night, you should take every chance to get to know the chosen object of desire a little, because it’s about a perfect night without lasting obligations. Relaxed and the way you really are, an encounter of this kind leads to success rather than acting skills and star flair, which ultimately bring both a bad awakening.

In any case, supervisors and colleagues are taboo, because nothing spreads faster than office gossip. Who wants to experience how work colleagues make funny remarks about their own underwear during the coffee break and you can then find yourself in the office of the HR manager.

If you need some tips, then nothing stands in the way of the adventure:

  1. The woman or man of desire should not belong to the close circle of friends or the workplace.
  2. Refrain from excessive alcohol consumption, because it has an inhibitory effect in excess and your body reacts limp and uncoordinated. Rather a Mutmacher drinks and then switch to soft drinks, which is beneficial for fitness.
  3. Make an effort, because it’s not just about your own satisfaction. No one expects multiple orgasms, but a sexual adventure in a pleasant atmosphere.
  4. It’s not about love, it’s about the feeling of forgetting the world around you and experiencing a night of eroticism.
  5. Never capture your one-night stand on video. Nobody wants to discover themselves on Facebook in a post.

Where can you find a one-night stand?

one night sex

The easiest and by many certainly the preferred way is and remains the visit to a well-visited bar or club. Mainly on weekends, because there you meet a lot of potential men or women who leave the everyday life and stress of the week behind in a relaxed mood. But always keep the precept of caution in mind, because it is not for everyone to be hit on and not everyone is looking for an adventure for the night. You quickly get a rejection if the body language is misinterpreted or not interpreted at all.

Even on the dance floor, it is easy to get closer and quickly you can tell who belongs in the choice of the chosen and who does not. If the spark does not jump over on the dance floor or at the bar in the midst of crowds, then there will certainly be no common way to bed.

The probability to find someone who corresponds to your own taste is, of course, high with the existing alcohol level, because the inhibitions are blown away and the desire in the back of the head can quickly take on unimagined dimensions. But even if the perfect accompaniment through the night of favored sex positions is found, one should always proceed a little discreetly, because the need to tell half the club or its entire favorite bar with regulars that it is now time, does not have to be. Embarrassments are thus spared on the next visit and salacious allusions are avoided.

But after many hours of fruitless searching, the clock may already be at 4 o’clock in the morning and the probability that the right one-night stand will be found drops to zero. Time to go, because what you find as a sad remnant, then falls rather into the category of shopkeepers and fine drinking. The next morning quickly begins with a fright and a cat’s whine, when one is startled to find that the object of desire rather triggers a shudder and one’s own motivations are no longer comprehensible.

However, it is not the right way for everyone to throw themselves into the hustle and bustle of the nightlife. However, some prefer it more discreet and without the infamous alcohol level. For those who prefer to be more unobtrusive, there remains the possibility to search online through dating portals for the right contact for the perfect one-night stand.

But here, too, you are spoilt for choice. There are the fake packs, which raise hopes with false pictures at side jump agencies and the person with 1.90 m height and with the slim hips turns out to be a nightmare with varicose veins and is completely humorless, although in the corresponding article of the ad completely different things were mentioned.

So you shimmy from profile to profile, ask Google and slowly frustration comes up. In addition to free sex tips, news and videos, which are nerve-wracking and not always crowned by success, the search quickly takes the form of time-consuming competitions with predominantly existing rivets, which apart from fashion and fashion often do not have much to say.

Now the question arises whether you want to search further side by side with ladies or should not rather go into the hands of an escort service. The advantages that my companion offers are not to be dismissed out of hand. The profiles of the escort ladies and cavaliers are published only after detailed examination and are also verified. You do not buy the cat in the bag and have time to find the right accompaniment for a short guest performance.

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Experiences after a one-night stand

The Lust grabbed you and the evening sounded spontaneously in bed. The cornerstones of the ONS sound simple, but everything can quickly turn into a flop. But if you master the rules of this art of sexual guest performance correctly, then the next day you can enjoy the next morning with your own knowledge and remain silent.

Allowed is what pleases, but it should be based on reciprocity. Whether you wake up in your own bed alone and review the wild positions of the Kamasutra or start the morning after with a common breakfast, always depends on both partners. If you still feel like a quick round of sex, no problem. The most important rule, however, is: remain polite, even if the performance of the previous night was lousy or you are all ready in no time at all for a full act of murmuring.

In order to avoid embarrassments and experience the perfect one-night stand, the retreat in the Twilight is actually a must. The exchange of numbers is also not one of the best ideas, because if you are not willing to repeat, you save yourself and the other unpleasant moments because you can eventually run into each other again and would then have to explain either his silence.

Clearly, however, contraception should be for everyone. Not only to avoid unwanted offspring, but also under health aspects. Everyone should take on this responsibility without being asked.

You consciously look for a partner for one night, but if you are looking for the love of your life, this is the worst possible way, which will be paved with a lot of heartbreak. It is important to maintain openness, to address your preferences and you are not always on the lookout and when it happens, you should enjoy this experience, even if you have purposefully pulled the worst love killer out of the closet on this day because you can sink it elegantly at night with a bold footstep under the bed.

But who all this is too exhausting or is not the type for it, remains with an escort service. Meeting with an escort who wants the same thing and has fun doing it is a relaxed way to enjoy yourself. Discreetly in a hotel or a place of your own choice, saves unpleasant moments or perhaps even questions from curious neighbors. Conversations with esprit, a casual acquaintance and the anticipation of more, do not let tense and unpleasant moments arise.