The boom of virtual sexual encounters

Electronic devices in times of a pandemic have become a tool capable of bringing individuals closer together. However, this phenomenon will also have to grow in parallel with all the new adaptations to the routine of what can be called the new normality.

The applications of encounters and relationships are experiencing historical levels of participation since the beginning of this pandemic and the consequent quarantine.

Before a situation of social distancing, applications were criticised for keeping users tied up in their networks by maintaining some restrictions in terms of, for example, kilometres of location for searching.

The new situation is allowing the use of these dating applications to be much more than just a search for casual sex or sporadic adventures. The difference between the cultures that mark the inequalities between countries falls short when the issue is to avoid isolation and find someone compatible to share moments, to overcome the loneliness that is pressing at the moment.

Without being able to go beyond virtual contact for a live meeting as was the custom before, for a matter of care and security, it is now necessary to change the first impressions from before to something completely different and distinct. Innovation first and foremost.

With Skokka, the phenomenon also occurs when escorts in the UK begin to have their virtual dates full of novelties. They are eager to continue working with their best performances and dressed in their best and sexiest clothes.

Therefore, this article shows the news of some applications about the boom of virtual sexual encounters in isolation and some interesting curiosities about the new adaptations so that life can continue to be minimally normal compared to everything that society lived before. The virtual world is a form of escape for people who now seek to talk about life, problems, loneliness… And above all, how Skokka has reinvented itself during this time around in the world.

Growth in dating apps during the pandemic

With the closure of bars, restaurants and live events, those seeking relationships are forced to adapt the means of interaction. And young people are more affected when it comes to keeping their distance, since social life is important and fundamental in their routine.

Between all ages, a situation of social distancing allows one to discover oneself by having to spend more time on their own, while creating the need to let go of emotions and desires somewhere. In a time of social distancing, using relationship applications and even adult classified advertising platforms can be a double-edged sword in human relationships.

If, on the one hand, face-to-face encounters are hampered by quarantine, virtual contact becomes a strong companion against loneliness. Moreover, it is a way of fulfilling some fantasies with the companions and using the imagination.

In Skokka, the most sought-after word during the pandemic has been Indian. Maybe because it is a fantasy, because of the experience, because of the ethnicity… who knows but, yes, the fantasies with different ethnicities has been one of the preferences in the most searched ads in the UK. However, during this time in confinement, the words have been diverse and varied, delving into the most intimate needs of users. The explanation for this lies in the simplicity of what has been accompanying all these long months of isolation. What better than a video, a live image with that woman or man, that makes that confinement disappear for a few minutes?

And it is this new service that has made many of the users of this leading portal in the adult classifieds sector change for the better. The virtual meetings. It is the advertisers who have had to renew themselves and arm themselves with all their resources in order to be able to come out on top during this time of COVID and continue offering their services to clients despite the distance and social distancing. Despite not being able to touch, kiss or caress.

Even before the confinement, the cruelest doubt was about how to maintain relationships if it would be basically impossible to have a normal life without contact with other people. It is when the applications of encounters went through a phenomenon contrary to what one might expect. They did not register a decrease in use, on the contrary. The success of virtual meetings is so great that some of them are growing, as well as showing records of audience, figures never before seen.

First date by video call?

Right now, when we talk about using virtual tools, we are not just talking about appointments. What is there now is the reaffirmation of desire, the search for the new, the need for exchange and the possibility of revealing a new side of oneself.

However, with the instinct to avoid real encounters with physical contact, users are willing to have a first date via video call or enjoy online sex services with an escort in Ireland. This is a natural adaptation after the virtual flirtation, so that other steps can be taken in the future.

This is when relationships begin to be relationships as such, in a different way than usual. Not because of having to meet more than physically, but because of the compatibility of ideas and thoughts, encounters can drag on. A contact is expected in the future, and a new love may actually be born.

And if you are looking for a way out of loneliness, some of the virtual applications and platforms are changing policies and trends so that there is a greater reach of users.

For example, Tinder provides in some locations that some of the paid resources are free of charge. Moreover, although more users are having longer conversations during the crisis, it adds a geolocation function anywhere in the world.

One truth is that no matter what one looks for, there are many options and many ways to keep looking for what is best for oneself. So a little curiosity and encouragement can be the key to finding the best virtual meetings.

Fdo.: Julia Santos