Sex, Lies And Video Tapes In Georgia

Last year, Georgia lawmakers modified convictions for consensual oral sex among teenagers. It was absolutely a serious crime, today it is a misdemeanor with up to 1 year of convictions. This particular modification has caused a legal fight in the state Supreme Court over the possibility of freeing Genarlow Wilson under the new laws. Wilson was convicted of aggravated child sexual abuse and sentenced to ten years in prison for having oral sex agreed with a 15-year-old woman in 2003. He was seventeen years old at the time and today has served twenty-seven weeks of sentence. A judge will rule on Wilson’s request for release sometime next week.

Wilson’s crime was taken on a homemade videotape that was used as crucial evidence by the prosecution in Wilson’s conviction. It was now announced that duplicates of the same explicit and unpublished clip tape used in court have been sent to anyone who understands which form to complete to request a ixxx copy.

The Douglas County District Attorney’s business admits that during the past three years they have distributed “numerous copies” of the child’s sexual video, citing Georgia’s information independence law. In an email exchange between the DA and the CBS46 information station, Douglas County District Attorney David McRae reported: “I do not understand the actual number of people who have made registration applications available within the Gnarled case Wilson. ” Adding, “we don’t continue a list or maybe a database of the many requests.”

The representative of the state of Georgia, Mary Margaret Oliver, states that the distribution of the tape violates the laws of child pornography and security. The former DeKalb County Prosecutor of Georgia County, who is also a former United States assistant, agrees with attorney Jeffrey Brickman.

Challenging Georgia’s Freedom of Information Act is the first for any State regarding possible violations that involve the division of the privacy and child pornography rights of the two small women into videotapes.