Places to meet prostitutes in Frankfurt

It is hardly possible to say precisely what percentage of visitors come to Frankfurt to enjoy the local sex industry, but we assume it is small. People go to Frankfurt for various reasons, but sex is usually not one of them. In fact, Frankfurt cannot be described as a hotspot for the sex industry.

Despite this, you can easily find a VIP escort service in the city for every taste. Clients are expected blondes, brunettes, young ladies, experienced girls, lovers of BDSM, and threesome sex – the choice is royal.

Where to meet a lady for sexual pleasures

In Germany, sex is waiting for you around almost every corner. The most common types of prostitution:

  • Street: сlients are sought on the streets, parks, and other public places. Servicing takes place in lanes, vehicles, or short-term accommodations.
  • Brothel: premises specially designed for sex. Safety is higher than on the street. Often licensed by authorities.
  • Escort: The client contacts the sex worker by phone or hotel staff. The most hidden form of sex work. Relatively expensive due to low customer turnover. The service is provided at the client’s home or hotel room.
  • Window or doorway: brothels with sex workers for all to see. Windows are preferred in cold climates and doorways in warmer areas.

The client can try several options to understand what suits them best.

The most famous brothels in Frankfurt

Everyone who wants to diversify their sex life is recommended to visit such brothels in Frankfurt:

  • Crazy Sexy, one of the largest, oldest brothels in Frankfurt, has been operating since 1968. Although the address has not changed in over fifty years, the location has changed, and customers can expect a more modern welcome. Accommodating up to 80 women, including several transgender prostitutes, Crazy Sexy is a large whorehouse in the heart of Frankfurt’s red-light district, the Bahnhofsviertel. In addition to European and Asian women, you can also find dominatrices offering a complete BDSM experience.
  • Eros center Taunusstraße 26, spread over four floors, is a Whorehouses-style brothel in the center of the Bahnhofsviertel. It has an excellent reputation among the locals due to the high cleanliness throughout the area and the low turnover of the prostitutes. Modern, clean, and reasonably priced, this place also caters to people with disabilities.
  • Labelle Treff is a small brothel located about 15 km west of Frankfurt in the city of Sulzbach. The main feature of the whorehouse is the weekly change of girls (presumably on vacation from the city?); there are several dozen foreign girls to choose from.

Life is too short to be shy. Start enjoying bright sex today.