Online Dating Has Altered The Relationship Game!

Online dating has changed the game of relationships. Nowadays, if you don’t like the relationship that you’re in, you can just swipe left and get a new one, and a one-night stand is now at the end of people’s fingertips. The instant fix of a tinder match gives instant gratification, but is it truly as gratifying as old-fashioned courtship? Is the catch not more thrilling when you’ve earned the thrill of the chase? Our attention spans are becoming shorter, visit

Virtual Preferences

Online dating usually involves learning a wide range of facts about a potential partner before deciding whether or not to meet them in person, but is that a good thing? More often than not, people who match in these apps don’t meet in person at all. In real life, where personality makes a big difference when it comes to online dating, women care more about the surface attractiveness of their potential partner than men do. The algorithms on these dating apps don’t consider the differences between gender preferences, even if they don’t represent what we prefer in real life. Our virtual preferences are fundamentally different from those we have in person, and they successfully help us find a long-term partner.

Online dating

In America alone, it’s been found that only 12 percent of the people who use these apps have found committed relationships through them. There’s no compelling evidence that the mathematical algorithms of these dating apps work, and there’s also no evidence that they lead to more romantic outcomes than those created by relationships formed elsewhere. Not only do these algorithms leave out things such as personality; they don’t take into account the differences between each person on these dating apps, and they don’t take into account how each relationship will develop over time. So, it is right to say that the algorithms were only created for an initial short-term attraction.

When it comes down to it, everywhere we go, people are looking for love, come to think of it. How many times has it happened that you have been in a grocery store made eye contact with someone, and automatically been convinced that they’re the love of your life? A movie, no matter the genre always tends to include a romantic plot, which seems to be reflected in our lives too.