How to maintain intimacy in a long-distance relationship

A long-distance relationship for some individuals is a no-no situation because the heart always wants what it wants. However, what if there was a way to keep the intimacy blazing? What if you don’t need to cause yourself and your partner such heartache from breaking up? You’d be surprised several relationships have broken apart because of distance and, of a truth, distance shouldn’t be a barrier. There are more than one means of sustaining intimacy in a long-distance relationship; you need to be willing of all it takes to make it work.

Without further ado, below are some means of ensuring your relationship remains intimate and enjoyable even with the distance apart.

Always engage in video chats:

A famous maxim reads that “men are moved by what they see, while ladies are moved by what they hear.” Looking at this from a personal point of you, you know it’s true. If you’d want your woman to stay interested in the relationship, you need always to reassure her that you have her in mind. Tell her how much she means the world to you. On the other hand, it gets a little complicated if it’s your man because he could be easily convinced by what he’s seeing. So, this is where video calling your partner becomes essential. There’s a need to always look in each other’s eyes, if possible, every day to be sure the fire is still burning and the love still blazing.

Don’t be shy to get sexual:

You shouldn’t be shy if you are with your partner, and doing it over the phone shouldn’t be a problem either. The truth is that, in long distant relationships, there’s going to be a lot of masturbation. The question is, what and with whom is your partner masturbating? If you both have the same kink, say you enjoy watching animated porn together, you could set up a group video call and stream the porn together in a room over a link. Thanks to the internet, everything is more accessible. So, don’t be too shy to let your partner knows what you want. Most men are willing to go as far as strip-teasing for their partners over the phone if that would make her happy and keep her interested.

Exchange media files regularly:

The fuel that keeps a long-distance relationship is maintaining intimacy. Once intimacy is taken care of, the rest fall in almost naturally. Exchanging media files such as videos, photos (erotic), and voice notes with your partner makes the list of to-do activities. There’s no such thing as “he knows I’m not a photo freak” even when he’s not asking; normalize sending him photos of you doing random activities. If your partner doesn’t send you his picture, ask for it. Ask for him to sing you a song using voice notes, irrespective of whether he could hold a note or not. These seemingly little gestures are those things that keep a long-distance relationship.

Relationships won’t work independently; both partners must be willing to do all it takes to make it work. When it comes to long-distance relationships, it’s even more tasking. So, ensure you understand what you are getting into, and both partners are willing to make it work.