How to give your partner a great massage?

A massage can also lead to a great and erotic one, which will soothe the senses of your partner, as well as relaxing tense muscles after a stressful day. But how to perform such a great massage experience for your partner?

How to start massaging your partner?

First of all, you’ll need some time to establish the rules of the game – whether it is you who will massage your partner – your partner or you will do it alternately, also remember that a relaxing (or erotic) massage cannot be done in five minutes – because your partner will be simply dissatisfied with it. Apart from your free time, you’ll also need a bit of talent (trying to knead your partner to death can end up in a serious lovers quarrel) and the right massage oils, although in the end it can be ordinary olive oil (after all, nothing bad will happen to it – it was used by many generations of people – for example in ancient Greece during the Olympic Games).

Starting the massage

It is best to start the massage from the feet, but remember that it should be very gentle, because there are a lot of nerve endings in the feet, which if you press too much – instead of relaxing you will hear ,,stop’s” and ,,ow’s” – so your partner will naturally not be too happy about it.  It’s best to start by stroking or gently kneading this area. In a relaxing massage, speed and pressure are also important. If you reach from your feet up to your partner’s neck, you can start with an erotic massage, which is naturally best to start with your partner’s genital area. A gentle massage of these areas may make your partner feel like having sex, so in addition to relaxing, you will both be able to end the day by falling asleep happily in your arms.

With practice comes greatness

You won’t be a world-class masseur (or masseuse) with your first massage. You should accept it because giving a great massage requires some talent and also putting your heart into it. Of course, if you will try and do it regularly you’ll be great, but for now, you should accept the ,,OK” that your partner gives you and just roll with it.

Remember that you’re doing this for fun

Trying to compete with each other might be good, but not really in this kind of play, because most people try to relax after a long, and hard day at work, so getting challenged again from you isn’t really fair. Just try to have fun, put up some music too, low-hifi hip-hop will work or even jazz – it’s your preference really what you will choose.