Full Body Massage: Deep Relaxation From Head to Toe

The full body to body massage is not a protected term and can include various massage techniques. Both aromatic oil, Lomi Lomi and Thai belong to the range of full body massages. Here you can find out more about the mode of action and the procedure of the forms of treatment. In addition, you will find useful information about who offers full body massages and what these costs.

Full body massage: what is it?

The full-body massage is not a fixed term for a certain type of massage, but comprises several therapies and wellness treatments. The back and foot, are massaged during the full body therapty. In contrast to erotic massages such as tantra and nuru procedures, the genital area is not included. Partial body therapies relate only to individual parts of the body such as shoulders, head, back, neck, face and feet. Many wellness hotels offer full body massages on a weekend of pampering at.

The different forms of full body massage

One form of full body massage is Thai therapy, which consists of a system of different techniques. Unlike the Swedish therapy, the main focus of Thai technique is on stretching positions and stretching movements. Since many of the movements are based on Indian yoga, the Thai therapy could be described as a combination of passive yoga and pressure point massage.

In addition to the traditional Thai, the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi-Nui therapy is a popular form of full body therapy. Many thermal baths and hotels offer this type of massage as a wellness therapy. Compared to other full-body treatments, the Lomi-Lomi therapy is more similar to esoteric bodywork. The aim is to restore the balance between body and mind through flowing movements that begin on the back and later continue on the front side.

Effect of the full body therapy

The full-body massage has a broad spectrum of effects, ranging from pure relaxation to the relief of serious medical problems. Any form of massage promotes local blood flow to the limbs, lowers blood pressure and pulse rate and has a relaxing effect on the muscles. For acute and chronic illnesses such as rheumatism, a (full-body) therapy provides pain relief. Special wellness treatments that involve the whole body also have a stress-relieving effect – also due to the long treatment duration of up to three hours.

Who offers full body therapy?

Full-body massages are mainly part of the range of

  • Wellness hotels;
  • Saunas;
  • Thermal;
  • Baths;

Thai, Lomi-Lomi, Ayurveda and other aromatic oil full-body massages quite often are carried out by professional masseurs. In Paris, you can get wonderful therapy at SweetTouch parlor.

How long does a full body therapy last?

The duration of the respective full body massage depends on the treatment. A classic Thai theraoy consists of at least 77 individual treatment steps. To carry out these steps, the treatment must last at least 60, better 90 minutes. Depending on the symptoms, Thai treatments are available for up to three hours.

In addition, Lomi Lomi take at least 60 minutes. If you want to feel the full benefit and really let yourself go, you should book a 90-minute massage. In general, the following applies: Since several areas of the body are massaged, the full body treatment need more time.

What does a full body treatment cost?

The cost of a full body varies depending on the type and duration. A 60-minute Thai therapy is therefore cheaper than a 90-minute Lomi-Lomi. Usually the special forms of massage such as Lomi Lomi and Ayurveda are a bit more expensive than full-body, which “only” works with classic massage techniques.