First date conversation starters


While the thought of going on your first date with your partner or should be funny and adventurous, it may be the cause of anxiety to some who may not know how to start a conversation and keep it going. Experts in matters dating have claimed that the best way to go about this is to have a strategy.

What are some of the things you could use to start a conversation while on your first date? Below are some good ideas.

Talk about your home and background

The most obvious thing to do on your first date is to tell more about yourself to your partner. Share with him or her details of where and when you were born and raised.

Getting to share your stories about your childhood will not only help in keeping the conversation going but will also serve to help you know more about each other.

You never know; maybe the two of you have similar backgrounds and this will help to kick start your date on high gear.

You should also ask and give time to your partner to tell their story.

Discuss about your favorite food.

Your first date may involve a location other than a restaurant. However, this should not stop you from discussing your favorite types of food, as well as your most preferred your restaurant. You could have different preferences in terms of your best restaurants in town. In such cases, your little disagreements could lead the way to another date. This would allow both of you to visit these restaurants. In the end you will be bonding more with your partner.

Talk about your favorite shows, music, and books.

We all have something we like doing while not at work or school it could be watching TV, listening to music, reading a book or a combination of all. Talking about your favorite shows, music, or book could be a good way of starting your conversation. This will serve to let you know about your partner and the other way around. In certain cases you may find out that the both of you watch a similar show of have read a similar book. This will lead to more talk which would not only help to keep your conversation lively but help you know more about each other and bond.

Ask about his or her family and friends.

Another great way of starting a conversation is to ask your partner about their friends and family. While answering, you need to be attentive and inquisitive to know how he or she relates to this people. Apart from being a good conversation starter and help to keep the conversation alive throughout the date, the answers you get from your partner would enable you to know more about them. Such information will be crucial in determining your relationship has any future, or better still, enable you to have an idea of what to do to improve the chances of your date’s success. From such conversations, for example, you could find out that your partner is divorced. Getting to know more about why this happened would help you understand him or her better.


There are many other ways in which we can start a conversation on your first date and keep it going. When it comes to asking your partner or Busty Escorts Girls about their life and past, be attentive to his or her non-verbal communication and do away with a particular conversation that you think they are not comfortable with. The whole idea here is to get to know more about each other and bond.