Benefits of Sexting

Sexting is something which has constantly become better and better with the betterment of internet messengers. Nowadays, it is as good as it gets. When done correctly, sexting is something which is very effective in turning people on in a very short amount of time. It is much better than phone sex and much more well-rounded than just sending nudes.

With more and more people being quarantined at home with no way of meeting new people, a lot of people are finding online sexting a way to relieve their sexual frustration. It’s like hooking up with a stranger, but online. The most common platform to do this is Snapchat. You just need a good sexting username and you are good to go. However, a lot of people still feel that sexting isn’t that good. We are here to tell you why they are wrong. Here are the benefits of sexting:

  • It is much more discreet: The biggest benefit of sexting is the fact that it is much more discreet than its other counterparts: phone sex, nude video calls, and sending nudes. While both video calling and sending nudes require you to take off your clothes, phone sex always has the risk of someone overhearing your conversation. However, sexting is something you can anytime and anywhere, without the person in front of you knowing a thing.
  • A good way of foreplay: While most people think foreplay starts a few minutes before sex, we beg to differ. We want you to make your partner crave you from the evening before they even leave their place of work. While they cannot open a nude in front of their colleagues’ prying eyes, a hot text of what you are wearing (probably nothing) or what you plan to do to them when they come home is a much more massive turn-on than you think it is.
  • It is a good test drive: One of the biggest hurdles in any couple’s sexual life is knowing what works for the both of them and what doesn’t. Sexting is a great way to conjure up scenarios where you do all kinds of stuff to them and then realize what works and what doesn’t. It is much less embarrassing than finding these boundaries during sex.

Sexting is a great way for a new couple to find their rhythm and for old couples to add some spice to their sex life. Start sexting your partner now!