5 Things About Live Sex Webcams, You Probably Didn’t Know

Payments and Tips

In the early days of the first sex webcam sites, some companies would only take credit card as payment- often times, overcharging people’s credit cards unknowingly, or even going so far as out-right scamming people. (far less common than you might think though)

For this reason, webcam sites still have that “guilty until proven otherwise” reputation that makes people wary of handing over their payment details.

Fortunately nowadays, many reputable webcam sites have recognized this, and now offer payment options in many different currencies and formats.

While most still do take credit cards, you’ll now find many cam sites accepting payment formats such as Paypal, Skrill, Stripe and even crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.

This not only makes people feel protected against possible credit card theft, but also gives people far more flexible and discreet options, especially when it comes to quick transactions (such as tipping the models and paying for private shows) visit this website:

They Can Say No

This might seem kind of obvious to some people, but the models can, and often do, refuse the requests of their audience. Just because a girl is on cam, and has chosen to become a webcam girl, it doesn’t mean she won’t exercise her right to decline viewer requests.

If you do find yourself in a situation where a girl may refuse, (say a private show for example, just be patient).
Much like a girl (or person of any gender for that matter) might need to get comfortable with you first, it’s often no different when it comes to girls on webcam too.

If you like a girl and she declines your request of some sort, just spend some time on the site, get to know the girl, slowly tip her and then when she’s comfortable, she’ll be more open to the type of requests you make. The main point really, is you should respect her, much as you would respect any girl you meet offline.

Private Shows Aren’t As Expensive as You Think

There isn’t a fixed price for private shows, as much like the points made above, it can really come down to how comfortable the girl is with you.

If you tip well, are respectful of her and she becomes familiar with you, then your chances of a private show are far great, than if you were brand new to the site and her profile. So keep that in mind. Get familiar with her, respect her, then and make her feel comfortable. Then, you’re in a position to make that private show request.

Every Model Has a Profile: you should read it

It’s easy to understand why viewers would want to jump straight to the action and start hammering the model with requests. But relating to the section on “They can say no”, reading a models profile before you attempt to make an interaction, can go a very long way for you.

In a models profile, you will typically find out things about her, such as her likes, dislikes, her past experiences, and also what she is willing to do, and not to do.

You will also find out the cost of certain requests, which will save you time (and possibly money), should you want to make a certain request. (I’m being purposefully vague here to remain tasteful, but you can use your imagination)

Every Site Has Different Terms of Service

Reading the terms of service (TOS) might seem like one of the most boring things you could spend your time doing, (especially when you’ve got all those models waiting for you), but hear me out.

By reading the specific terms of a website, and how you’re legally allowed to interact with the models, or how payments work etc, can save you a lot of pain and headaches. So do yourself a favour, and spend 5 minutes reading through the main points in a given websites, terms of service.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to safely interact with the models on the site, and protect yourself from unexpected surprises down the road. This is especially important when it comes to money and payments on the site; so don’t skip over this part!

Don’t Send Unsolicited D#ck Pics

While this might seem obvious to you, it seems some men thing webcam sites are okay with “everything”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, webcam sites often do as much as they possibly can to respect the integrity and honour of the models using their website. After all, without their models, they have no website!

So first and foremost, remember to respect the models, read and respect the TOS, and finally, respect yourself and enjoy yourself!