Erection problems: this is how you can increase potency and train the penis.

A hard erection does not occur during sex or the erection does not last longer than foreplay.

There can be various reasons why the penis does not get hard. Once these have been identified, in most cases the erectile dysfunction can be targeted, and your potency regained.

We have summarized the most common causes and how you can get and keep your erection back in the following. We also explain how you can increase your potency with penile training and other methods.

The penis does not stand: Common reasons for erectile dysfunction.

The limb is not stiff – what can be the reason? The causes can be both physical and psychological. Lifestyle and porn consumption habits also play a role.

Physical causes

An underactive thyroid, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or hardening of the arteries can be reasons for the lack of a hard penis.

penis does not become stiff To remedy organic causes of erectile dysfunction, one should avoid home remedies and self-treatment and it is best to consult a doctor directly. 


If you want to rule out that there is no other reason for the erection problems, you can observe yourself stimulating the penis: If it does not become stiff at any time of the day or in any mood, a physical cause is highly likely. Apparently, the body is simply not able to build an erection.

Herniated disc as a reason for inability to erect.

A herniated disc can be the reason that the penis does not stay stiff for long or does not tighten at all.

Damage in the spinal area can squeeze nerves that transmit stimuli to the limb. Because of the wear and tear, the stimuli cannot reach their “goal”.

Psychological reasons

In contrast to physical causes, psychological reasons for not being able to build an erection or keeping it longer are much more common.

Typical causes are feelings such as pressure, fear, or nervousness before or during sex.

In our performance society, the term performance has unfortunately also been transferred to sexual intercourse. A hard tail is a symbol of virility and male potency.

Many men therefore suffer from fear of failure: the satisfaction of the woman is the top priority and a constant willingness to have sex is a matter of course. If hard erections fail, men quickly lapse into self-doubt.

To meet the expectations of themselves and others, many men are under stress. And it is precisely this condition that prevents long and hard erections: Due to evolution, a man’s body quickly breaks down his erection when stressful situations arise.

Medication as a trigger for impotence

A sudden onset of erectile dysfunction can also be related to the use of certain medications.

Three examples: psychotropic anti-depression drugs can disrupt nerve impulses, simvastatin lowers cholesterol, and anti-high blood pressure drugs can have a effect on blood flow to the penis.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Bad habits in everyday life can also prevent the penis from getting stiff.

Anyone who drinks too much alcohol, smokes or does little or no sport can cause erectile dysfunction.

Stress often creeps in in everyday life – whether in a relationship or at work. The release of stress hormones reduces testosterone production, which in turn causes a lower potency.

Excessive porn use

Almost every man watches porn, but if this happens too often, consuming slippery clips can negatively affect testosterone levels.

Depression, listlessness, and erectile dysfunction are typical consequences of excessive porn viewing.

While regular sex can improve potency, constant consumption of adult videos has the opposite effect.

Tips against erectile dysfunction

As already mentioned, anyone who suffers from physical erection problems and would like to correct them is best to contact a urologist. But what helps with erectile dysfunction if these are psychological in nature or are due to certain habits?

Open communication

First, stay cool. Yes, the penis has not achieved the desired hardness and endurance. Check ProExtender Review for batter solution. But the more you dramatize this statement, the more fear and pressure you build yourself for the next few times.

It is also important that you seek a conversation with your sex partner. In many cases, open communication about erectile dysfunction leads to feeling better afterwards and the pressure to drop a little. Most of the time, the partner is understanding. In any case, you should make it clear to her that she is not the problem, but for example the stress.

Eliminate potency disorders with breathing and pelvic floor training.

People who are under pressure usually breathe shallowly. On the other hand, deep and slow breathing into the abdomen is an expression of relaxation.

Correct breathing can help to be physically and mentally relaxed during sex. Inhaling deeply, in which the abdominal wall bulges, is beneficial for better erections during sexual intercourse.

In addition to conscious breathing, regular pelvic floor training is recommended. This is also an erection training. Because stronger pelvic floor muscles ensure better blood flow to the limb – harder erections are the result.